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Stolen Kisses (Zoentjesdief)

Nominated for Best Writing

Directed by Lidi Toepoel

14' • Netherlands • 2021


Sometimes there are advantages to your granny going senile. This makes it easy for Amy to win at cards or get paid twice for her report, which is convenient because she is saving up for a skateboard. Yet she really loves her grandma and is super happy that gran has fallen in love with Rinus, who also lives at the nursing home. One day Rinus is moved to another home and Amy decides to do anything she can to help the couple see each other again. Stolen Kisses is based on the true story of filmmaker Lidi Toepoel’s aged grandmother Mientje, who lived in a nursing home with dementia and had a boyfriend there. The film shows what dementia does to people, their friends and family using a delicate touch, and underscores how elderly people with Alzheimer’s are often unfairly dismissed.

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