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Maria Theresa Gives Birth

Best Short Film

Nikol Cibulya

23' • Hungary • 2022


Maria Theresa has just become the new emperor of the Habsburg Empire and she is being prepared to give birth to her fourth child. In a big ball room servants are bringing food and drinks while she has to deal with the threats of the surrounding countries who want to attack Austria. It seems easy to conquer a female emperor. When Theresa’s pains become more frequent and the labor starts soon, they let the high-ranked guests in. It’s an honour to be invited for the birth of the royal heir. Among the guests there is one Hungarian Nobleman who has the solution for Theresa’s problem: he can offer soldiers to go against the dreaded enemy, Frederick the Prussian king. First Theresa is reluctant to ask for this huge favour from the Hungarian but as her pain hardens she doesn’t care about etiquettes anymore and just says whatever she wants. Eventually she gets the army she needs and she gives birth to a son. She is a real Emperor from now on.

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