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Four Friends On A Flat Earth

Best Short Documentary

Tim Bary

27' • Netherlands • 2022

Dutch, English

In Four Friends on a Flat Earth, four friends set off on a road trip to Calais to prove with a laser experiment that the Earth is flat. The friends, who have known each other since high school, each have their own reasons for undertaking the journey. For one, the result of the test must provide hard proof that the Earth is flat, while the other is not so sure yet but is open to an alternate truth. On the journey, they share their experiences from their previous lives, their pains and desires; secrets they did not share with others before. We come to understand better what their belief in the Flat Earth means for themselves and for their friendship. Together they live towards the moment of truth as they conduct their experiments on the white cliffs of Calais. Will this give them the proof they are hoping for?

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