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We are happy to present to you the 2022 version of the Athens Short Film Festival!


Nominations 2022
Jury Panel

The 5th Athens Short Film Festival was completed in the jam-packed Mikrokosmos Cinema hall, on a celebration night of independent cinema. The Festival returned to the cinema halls on Friday, December 2 attracting over 250 viewers who had started gathering at Mikrokosmos Cinema from early evening.

After two years of physical absence, the Athenian Festival celebrated its much-anticipated comeback in its favourite dark cinema halls with a rich programme of 13 short films of all genres.

Divided into two parts with a break in the middle, this year’s screening programme brought creations of Greek and international artists onto the big screen, highlighting new talents from all over the globe. The end of the second screening block followed the winners’ announcement and a short award ceremony. 

In the beloved foyer of Mikrokosmos Cinema, we had the chance to meet old cinephile friends, film industry professionals and talk with the audience members. Before as well as after the Festival, the cinema served as a meeting platform for the artists, the visitors and the HF Productions team. 

We would like to thank especially, our media partners Nostos 100.6, Στο Κόκκινο 105.5 as well as the Mikrokosmos Cinema for the warm hospitality. 

Winners of the 5th Athens Short Film Festival 2022: 

August Sky, 16', Director: Jasmin Tenucci, Brazil
Best Short Film 

Important Things Don’t Matter, 26’,  Director: Gabriel Tizón, Spain
Best Short Documentary  

Santiago, 15’, Director: Andrey Koulev, Bulgary
Best Short Animated 

On Your Side, 2:38, Director: David Heatley, United States
Best Music Video 

How I Beat Glue and Bronze, 30’,  Director: Vladimir Vulević, Serbia
Best Short Experimental 

Boys, 13:15, Director: Luke Benward, United States 
Best Short Drama

Cruise, 6', Director: Sam Rudykoff, Canada
Best Short Comedy 

Elevator Alone, 4', Director: Anastasia Papadopoulou, Greece
Best Greek Production 

Snorrie (Mustachio), 12’, Director: Victoria Warmerdam, The Netherlands 
Best Directing

Nsenene, 7:32, Director: Michelle Coomber, United Kingdom
Best Cinematography 

Go lesson, 18:56, Director: Xue Li Ming, China
Best Writing

Vlada Goes to London, 22’, Director: Arti Savchenko, Israel
Best Editing

The 6th Athens Short Film Festival will take place again in 2023 and will return with an even richer screening programme. Looking forward to seeing you all again. 

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