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After a two-year absence from cinemas, the Athens Short Film Festival is back on Friday, December 2nd to the beloved "Mikrokosmos" cinema. Through a rich program of short films and documentaries from all around the world, ASFF invites you to go on a journey through the eyes of 13 talented filmmakers.

Aiming to promote independent cinema but also to be an open platform of expression for emerging Greek and foreign artists, the Athens Short Film Festival presents both fiction and documentary films. The 13 films of this year's Festival focus on social, political and gender issues but also deal with the personal dilemmas of people next door.

Through a rich program full of music videos, animation and experimental short films, ASFF 2022 covers a wide range of cinematic genres while bringing creations full of eccentric aesthetics.

Our goal is for the 5th Athens Short Film Festival to be the starting point for the expansion of the Festival in terms of time as well as artistically, growing even more our cinephile audience.

The Athens Short Film Festival is organized since 2018 by HF Productions, an international company organizing 24 film festivals in 15 countries. Over the years, the Festival has featured more than 100 artists from around 30 countries.

Mikrokosmos Cinema
106 Syggrou Avenue, 117 41 Athens
Tel: +30 21 0923 0081

Start time: 18:00

Ticket price: €6

Organisation: HF Productions

Tel: +30 21 0614 1195


Communication and Press Office:
Aliki Seferou,, 694 716 2391

Supported by:

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Nominations 2022
Jury Panel
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