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Leah works as a maid in the hotel during the day, while Meital, her daughter, sings at the hotel's lobby at night. They live trapped in their relationship, surrounded by the Dead Sea.

Tangles and Knots

A intimate bond between mother and daughter becomes threatened when the mother helps her teenage daughter throw a house party to impress new, more popular friends.


Every day Tiago goes into his garden, to feed the crocodile that killed his brother.

Where I Was Born

Sitting through insufferable rush hour traffic. People smoking in public places. Enduring pain by waxing our legs and putting on facial masks to take care of our beauty. Required company staff gatherings after work. Being pressured to drink more alcohol. People jumping in front of cars and feigning injuries for money. Hiding cameras around a public restroom and uploading the photos to the worldwide web. Random, unprovoked violence by drunk people. Through these short, humorous vignettes, one pre


Even though they don’t know each other very well, Inès (14) and Abdel (15) decide to have their « first time » together. The big day arrives and Inès is called to help out a neighbor to babysit her two kids Moussa (3) and Balla (5). Inès is determined to go through with their plan and asks Abdel to join her at her neighbor’s apartment. But the two children and their friends don’t stop to interrupt them in their pursuit. And so, they are forced to get to know each other in a different way…

The Prophetess

Set in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), The Prophetess follows the powerful friendship of two Congolese women who, despite having both been raped, are more than victims. Through their friendship, the two find the strength to support each other and heal one another.


The story is based on observations on the changing worldview of mankind and shows the weird connection between different cultures through time and their worldview. All the scenes contain associations on myths, legends and scientific facts, which were in their time believed and known as reality. So the eternal urge to explain where we came from and how the universe works seems to be born with us. What is reality?

Getting Ready For Being Late

Selim is a taxi driver who lives with his father. His car is old and dirty which causes problems with his customers. One day he finds out that people who take care of sick and elderly at home will be paid monthly and also get the opportunity to buy a car at a discounted price. However his father is not sick. Selim decides to try his luck to get his life back on track.

Red Ink

A supermarket express line, at Christmas time. Everyone is tired and in a hurry. Convinced he's on a secret mission for Stalin, Gideon tries to purchase some biscuits for the dictator. As other harried shoppers delay Gideon from completing his important task, frustration turns to tragedy.


In a few days Minas is going to participate in the tv show Talent of the year. Minas must win to fulfill his dreams. What's his talent? He is a cowboy. in Athens. Cowboy is a mockumentary, where a tv crew follows 47 year old Minas in his everyday life interviewing him and his closest people until the big day of the show.



Best Short Film

🏆 Shmama

Getting Ready For Being Late

Schoolyard Blues

Red Ink

Where Did Chen Guo Go?


Best Short Documentary

When I Dance

🏆 The Prophetess


Boy Nomad

Best Short Drama

Carl's Motel

Tangles and Knots


🏆 Calling

A Nice Guy

Best Short Comedy


The Translator.


Who You Are


Best Short Experimental


As I Watch You From Afar

Nocturne for Pit Orchestra

🏆 The Wind Phone

Best Animated Short

🏆 Where I was born

Big Toast




Best Music Video

🏆 Local H - Innocents

Foreign Air - Free Animal

Best Directing

🏆 9to5

On Air

Whoever Was Using This Bed

Best Cinematography


🏆 Laws of Motion

Sombra City

Best Music Score


🏆 Nocturne for Pit Orchestra


Best Writing


A fine stew

🏆 A Sealed Idea

Special Mention

On Air

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