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Expanding to three days, the Athens Short Film Festival 2023 features 35 independent Greek and international short films. Through 6 programmes that explore various themes, this year’s edition is dedicated to real-life events, personal dilemmas, feelings and self-exploration processes as well as current issues and cultures from around the world. Films that will sink you deep into the urban landscape and others that will sweep you off to bizarre places and unknown realities. Our aim is to give voice to those eager to share their story, empower upcoming filmmakers and showcase the power of independent cinema. 




The Athens Short Film Festival is an annual event that spotlights international independent breakout shorts. Taking place in the multicultural and artistic Greek capital, ASFF supports the city’s underground scene and breaks its geographical boundaries by gathering a mixed audience of locals and internationals. Local cinemas have always been a place where conversations, debates and ideas sparked giving food for thought on social, political and gender issues. And it is part of ASFF’s mission to rejuvenate these spaces and honour their cultural significance. 

The Festival’s screening programme features emerging talents from all over the world and all filmmakers regardless of background are invited to submit their artworks. Expanding year by year, the Athens Short Film Festival aims to enrich its programme with industry events, workshops and seminars and become a reference Film festival for the Athenian independent cinema scene.


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